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Reinventing Rockwell & Beyond

Images on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum's current exhibition: Rockwell Revisited.
October 17, 2020 through January 17, 2021--extended through May 31, 2021

When I began my “Reinventing Rockwell” collection in 2014, I simply intended to recreate iconic Rockwell images as if he were alive and painting them today. I would feature updated fashions, technology, attitudes and, most importantly, the diversity in today’s citizenry that was absent, by design, from Rockwell’s famous Saturday Evening Post covers. I would have fun walking in Rockwell’s shadow, in his home town of Stockbridge, and hoped it would bring pride and joy to our community. 


Ironically, the reinventions expressing my outrage and sorrow over society’s inequalities gained unexpected acclaim, becoming focal points for civil rights activism while bestowing self-esteem and dignity to young and old alike. I am grateful to NRM for also showcasing my joyful works. For beyond my calling as a protest artist, who decries injustice and pain, I’m foremost a man who seeks to discover the beauty and worth in every human heart.


Click here to view the gallery of images from the Reinventing Rockwell series, as they were presented in his museum, plus more.

Click here for the video tour.



Freedom from What?

Based on Rockwell's "Freedom from Fear". Although some Americans can feel safe in their homes, safety and security may never come to rest in homes in a different neighborhood. Currently featured in the Norman Rockwell Museum's touring exhibition, "Re-Interpreting the Four Freedoms".

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