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A Very Norman Rockwell Holiday At the Red Lion Inn

[Excerpted from]

​December 20, 2017

By Madeline Weinfield

...Maurice, an artist, whose series Reinventing Rockwell is a fascinating take on everyday Americana circa 2017, bringing Rockwell’s iconic works up to speed on modern conversations on race, gender, citizenship, and identity. Peterson, who publishes as Pops Peterson, has presented twice at the nearby Normal Rockwell Museum and has received a Civil Rights Award the Northeast Regional Conference on Fair Housing and Civil Rights. He is also the Artist in Resident of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Peterson’s work challenges you to realize that there is so much more to this postcard-perfect town than initially meets the eye...


Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom from Fear”

As Reimagined by Peterson: “What the Hell?” and “Freedom from What”

About the author: Madeline Weinfield is a writer, traveler, and nonprofit professional based in New York City.

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