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'Walk With Her'

Ben Garver, Berkshire Landscapes

"When the neighborhood below Jubilee Hill was razed for urban renewal, the tenants had to bravely walk on in their lives much like little Ruby Bridges, whose historic walk to school at the age of 6 changed the world and inspired generations. We have brought 'Rainbow Ruby' to Pittsfield to inspire a new generation. If this mural encourages one soul to be brave and strong, to face their fears and keep moving past their pain and troubles, then 'Walk With Her' will be truly beautiful."
--Maurice "Pops" Peterson, artist,
on his "Reinvented Rockwell," a reinterpretation of Ruby Bridges in Norman Rockwell's painting "The Problem We All Live With." His installation, "Walk With Her," a giant vinyl installation above Center Street in Pittsfield, is in celebration of the former Jubilee Hill neighborhood.


LAST WORDS, Berkshire Landscapes Magazine I SPRING 2022

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