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Reinventing Rockwell

Freedom from What?

Based on Rockwell's "Freedom from Fear". Although some Americans can feel safe in their homes, safety and security may never come to rest in homes in a different neighborhood. Currently featured in the Norman Rockwell Museum's touring exhibition, "Re-Interpreting the Four Freedoms".

The Problem Persists

Created 50 years after Rockwell painted his most iconic civil rights work, "The Problem We All Live With," I depicted Ruby Bridges (modeled by Lynda Gunn) walking through the rubble of the Ferguson Riots, showing how little has changed in a half century of continued struggle.

What the Hell?

Based on Rockwell's "Freedom of Speech". Those who have been marginalized and have fought for inclusion in the political process can be confounded by the realities of the political process once they are finally included.

Stockbridge Fire Department to the Rescue

Based on Rockwell's "The Runaway". Ed Locke, the little boy in Rockwell's original work, returns to the diner as the soda jerk to recreate this iconic scene.

Thanksgiving Gay Dinner

Based on Rockwell's "Freedom from Want".

Freedom of Faith

Based on Rockwell's "Freedom from Fear Religion". I wanted to include many more religions, even an atheist, as well as many more ethnicities.

St Joan

In Rockwell's "The Girl in the Mirror", the girl wants to be a movie star like Jane Russell. In my version, she wants to be a boy scout.

The Education of Lance Corporal Will Cis

The Education of Lance Corporal Will Cisneros

In Rockwell's original, "Willie Gills in College", Willie has earned a college education, having served in WWII. In my update, Will Cisnernos goes go college having served in Afghanistan. However, he has sacrificed a foot.

Sailor's Best Friend

Based on Rockwell's "Sailor on Leave". This was my first Rockwell reinvention. Very faithful to the original, my update was to replace the cigarettes in the shoe with an iPhone.

The Sexiest Man Alive

Based on Rockwell's "First Hair Cut", showing our changing gender roles in parenting as well as salons.

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