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POPS PETERSON is a multi-faceted artist based in Stockbridge Massachusetts, where he is well known for his canvas artworks, murals, writing, and singing. Pops rose to national prominence for bringing new relevance to the iconic works of Norman Rockwell, with his series REINVENTING ROCKWELL. At both The Norman Rockwell Museum and The State House of Massachusetts, his acclaimed collection became the longest-running solo exhibition in the history of each venue. Click here to visit Pops' page on the Norman Rockwell Museum website. Pops' work has been featured in major museums across America and in such venerable publications as The Boston Globe and New York Times as well as PBS and CBS Sunday Morning. He is currently working on a major installation/experience about segregation in the era of Jim Crow.
Pops is also highly regarded as a poet and journalist, with credits in The New York Times, Essence Magazine, Andy Warhol's Interview and many other esteemed publications, including The B Magazine, where his column, Pops' Corner, is a popular regular feature. He was labeled "The Karaoke King," by The Berkshire Record, and his dance music video, Never Too Late to Get Your Party On, has enjoyed tens of thousands of views on social media.


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Due to his social justice paintings, Pops has won several honors, including being named the Artist in Residence of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. He takes the most pride in giving multimedia speeches about the importance of arts in the civil rights movement, which he has performed in museums, schools, and community groups. He is currently seeking a venue for his major multimedia installation, "Walk With Her," based on the era of segregation in the Jim Crow South.

Discover more about this new landmark in BERKSHIRE MAGAZINE, by clicking this pdf icon:

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recent exhibition

Now closed, this exhibition was the only art show presented in two galleries at once, and was their longest-running art exhibition of all time, running four months through the summer of 2023


Massachusetts State House Presents Award-Winning Exhibition "Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond"
by Pops Peterson

The Massachusetts State House is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated exhibition "Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond" by renowned artist Pops Peterson, running now through October 16. This extraordinary collection of artwork, previously showcased at the Norman Rockwell Museum where it became the museum's longest-running solo exhibition, will captivate audiences with its fresh and inclusive interpretations of the iconic Rockwell masterpieces.  Now in the Senate Gallery and Gallery 428, running though October 16th
--the only show ever featured concurrently in two galleries!
 Watch the video below for more information. 

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Reinventing Rockwell and Beyond features the entire Rockwell Museum show plus 10 new works, including several new, original compositions. Video talks with the artist accompany most of the canvases, to be viewed on visitor's smart phones via QR code. Bring your personal earphones to enjoy the audio!

 Click here for the pictures | Click here for the videos

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The Meaning of Family


Latest Appearances
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(Music Video)

Pops lightens it up with an original music video. Get ready to swing your dingaling!




The POPS PETERSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND offers tuition aid for underprivileged children to attend the Berkshire Art Center. Please click below to help a child in need learn the joys of self-expression.


helping others find joy and self esteem
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